Closing the Doors (For Now)

January 7, 2009

This was a great experiment, and I appreciated all the readers and feedback.

My goodbye post can be found at Kill Ten Rats, where I currently reside in blog form.


Ladytron Love

October 16, 2008

Audiosurf seems most perfectly suited for electronica.  I mean this is sci-fi stuff right? Flying a space ship on a course created by the music.  A steady beat makes for a simple track though.  More complex layered songs like those of the Chemical Brothers or Ladytron (featured below) make for a fascinating trip through rythm and space!  (and it can get pretty frantic too!)

Here’re vids of surfing a couple totally schweet trax off of Ladytron’s latest album Velocifero:

Black Cat



Da Waaagh Korrespondent

October 10, 2008

One of my guild mates in Warhammer Online is also creating an actual play storytelling-esque blog over at Da Waaaagh Korrespondent.  Harlequin does a great job getting in to the Gobbo-voice, and it is well worth the look.  I hope it continues to grow, and I am glad to see other blogs like this one out there.


Salzenmund (Book of Crows 4:47-65)

October 7, 2008

Three did stand at the walled city of Salzenmund.  Ravious, the first and forsaken, heralded the Changer of Ways by thus prior causing ruination from within.14  Mondhund, marauder from the North, looked forward with his one eye, his one arm in the shape of a bloody sickle.  And thus did a Dark Elf disciple, Athankiel, contribute to the cause of the Lord, for even Malekith must bend his steeled head to change.

The workings of the Raven Host were thus that the food and medicine were meager within the city walls.  The priests and guards of the Empire were weakened in constitution, and could not defend the city walls with cannons and prayers.  And so did the Host enter the body of Salzenmund.

Two mighty champions did stand in the way of the three.  Captain Heirgen was the first to fall.  His body impaled from behind by the changed arm of Mondhund.  The city guards ran screaming from the raised corpse, and so did the lowly marauders come to join Mondhund set upon the cowardly prey.  Broghen Kausel did stand in front of Ravious and call to the false light of Sigmar.

And thus did Ravious say, “Your flesh is weak.  Your armor is rotted.  Your mind is clouded.  Hand over your soul, a new world awaits you.  We demand it.”  And thus did the shadow of the Raven cast itself upon the face of Broghen Kausel.  And thus did he die.

As Salzemund fell, one of the firetouched did appear so as to burn the spoils of war to ash.  Arguise Flamewalker did cause an inferno to wash through the city obliterating the just and unjust alike.15  Ravious did shield the three from the flames, and so did the Dark Elf cut the wizard with a hundred slashes.  Each slash did erupt in molten flames, but the Lord of Change did instantly mend Athankiel as his pale skin burned.

And thus did the Raven Host move on from the ashes of Salzenmund.

From the notes of Librarian Nicola:
14 By crossreferencing the Book of Crows with the notes of Priest Adelmar of Salzenmund at the time the city was sacked it is obvious that the good Priest was foiled by Ravious, or one of his cohorts, to condemn the good Captain and Steward of the city. By the time the Raven Host came to the city walls, the Host merely ended the lives and conflict that had erupted between the church (and commoners) and the miltary of Salzenmund.
15 There are many conflicting views as to why the city actually was burned during the Age of Reckoning. Other scholars believe that the Raven Host began the conflagration of the city and bright wizard Arguise Flamewalker appeared to draw the flames to himself so as to put them out.


Through the Fire and the Flames

October 4, 2008

My name is Mondhund.  I am a Marauder of the Raven Host.  For now it may help you to know that, but soon it will not matter.  For what I really am is a vessel.  A vessel for your salvation.  A vessel of Change.

As I and my kindred sweep through your lands we bring a wave of Destruction, Fire, and Pain.  But as you gaze upon the smoldering timbers of your home and the cloven carcasses of your family, and as you raise your ecstatic wail of agony to the skies, know that our rite of cleansing is only an introduction.  Fear us not for we do not waste.  We are the saviors of the world.

I am blessed to be touched by the Raven God and made an instrument of his deed.  My body is bent and formed by His hand like the wrought iron of the steelsmith.  I am a tool shaped by Him to in turn shape the world.  Nothing matters now but to implement the Change of this fragile land.

You may call me Mondhund. You may call me Marauder. But, you need not call out at all nor give me thanks.

Good deeds are their own reward.

(( So far I’ve only really played my main, the Marauder.  Now at lvl 12 this melee dps class just gets more and more badass.  I am loving it 😀   I have three different “mutations”, the gifts of Savagery, Brutality, and Monstrosity.  Each of these morphs my left arm into a grotesque claw of some sort, allow me to use different sets of skills, and each buffs my stats in a different direction.

((Savagery is focused on debuffing an enemy and doing damage over time.  I have skills that infect them, cause their spells to fail, reduce their defenses, and cause them to take damage from their own most potent attacks.  It buffs my stats for accuracy to make sure my attacks hit their marks.  I use this most in my solo PvE exploits as I’m generally fighting monsters one on one.  If I get more than one critter I can DOTs one up and move on to the next.

((Brutality is focused on doing massive amounts of damage to a single target.  I have skills that hinder a target’s mobility, do massive spikes of damage to enemies fleeing from me, or focus all may rage into a single prolonged thrashing.  Strength is buffed most to maximize damage output.  I use this mostly in PvP since I’m generally in a group and when enemies are distracted I can finish them off swiftly, not to mention prevent them from fleeing.

((Monstrosity is kind of the catch-all but mostly focused on Area of Effect attacking.  It buffs Toughness to help me survive as I’m taking on groups of enemies.  I don’t have many skills for this yet (at least not ones that don’t also work in my other forms) so I only use it when I’ve pulled down a whole swarm of weaker enemies.  Then I just wail on them all at once till they drop!

My adventures may be swifter than some other classes but the goal is that by the time I go down I’ve taken a whole lot of enemies with me.  When I actually do have someone healing me I can be very disturbing to the enemy!))


Carn Dum Carnage [pt. 7]

September 25, 2008

Finally having breached the keep of Mordirith, the Council party is on the last leg of it’s righteous expedition.  Their arduous quest has just begun though.  The first hall alone holds platoons of elite angmarim and dire uruks.  We graciously make ourselves at home.

Ah, here’s the butler to take our coats.  That’s ok, we’re not staying long.

In this chamber an angmarim enchantress tries to rally her fellows and stand against the Council.  She is but one woman but her foul curses pose a deadly threat even to these fine heroes.

The Councilmembers draw upon the strength of their fellowship, focusing the virtue of their kindship and their quest to reinvigorate their power!

And unleash all they have to smite the witch down.

There are many more foes like her, and many worse still that await us as we begin our final ascent of the dread towers to cast the false king of Angmar down from his black thrown.


Destruction of the Weak (Book of Crows 2:12-20)

September 23, 2008

And so did the Raven Host fall on the prey in the Wulfsiege Forest.  A caravan of Empire goods were thus pillaged, and the weak Empire guards did try to foolishly defend their overturned carts.  Three times did a hero arise from the splintered wood and bodies of the fallen, and three times did the Chaos warparty smite the Empire heroes.  Such was the fury of the Host, that Ravious barely healed or warped any flesh.  His was the mastery of Tzeentch’s agony upon the heroes.  When they fell their wounds and skin bubbled and warped with Change.

A steady stream of gold, bodies, and souls found passage back to the Sorceror’s Axiom.  And so did a group of magus overlooking the forest begin to cast the magics of the Lord to clear a path through the wreckage such that the might of the Raven Host would continue to move south.