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In a Blink…

September 1, 2008

Team Fortress 2 is such a fast paced game that one usually misses such glorious moments of Valve artistry as shown below.  I set my screenshot program to take them every 5 seconds at max resolution.  95% of the screenshots are garbage (e.g., running to the fight, watching others run to the fight, etc.), and 4.8% are worthy of a 3-second reminiscing of the time I played.  The 4.8% are not worthy of posting.  Screenshots like this set the bar for the worthy 0.2%.


A Beautiful View

August 6, 2008

It’s just a great view coming from behind a medic train… as a pyro.  You know that you did your job, and you were in the right place, and hopefully both of them are going down.  I don’t have any hard statistics, but my gut feeling tells me that just about every time I came behind a medic train… I ran across two charred bodies.


A Heavy, Sudden Death

July 21, 2008

In the newly officiated Team Fortress 2 map Fastlane, I decided to go with a Heavy for the Sudden Death. I don’t know why, and I rarely play the Heavy… but it worked out wonderfully. Moondog took video of it, he runs up to me just as I finished my first kill (a Pyro), and then I killed another Pyro, and right at the end when Moondog gets backstabbed… I make two more kills, including the offending Spy.  We ended up winning the 12v12 match.  Enjoy! WeGame Link!


Gold Rush Blazing Start

June 21, 2008

The opening area to the payload map Gold Rush has become a firey murder hole since the advent of the pyro advancement pack.  The beginning of every Gold Rush leg is brutal to both sides, and it is not uncommon for the payload to remain mostly unmoved for minutes as the advancing side tries to push back the defense.  Click on the above picture for a full-size panorama of the area.