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Gensanchi o Hinote

August 28, 2008

Copy of the Pyro’s Journal – Entry from August 28, 2008
This entry is to be used for BLU-HR purposes only.

Once, when a group of REDs were traveling to the payload entrance together by the same engineer’s nest, it happened that their teleporter struck near the payload late at night. Five or six REDs from the nest leapt to defend the payload and loudly demanded that BLU give up the bomb, in accord with the Corporate Manifesto. Hearing this, BLU ran forward yelling, “The RED Corporate Manifesto is something for people like you! Do you think that we warriors are going to let you take equipment from a payload carried by pyros? We will burn you down and throw you underneath the payload cart to the last man!” With that, all the RED agents fled back to the engineer’s nest.

A BLU pyro once said, “What is called winning is defeating one’s allies. Defeating one’s allies is defeating oneself, and defeating oneself is vigorously burning the dross from one’s own body.
“It is as though a man were in the midst of ten thousand allies but not a one were following him. If one hasn’t previously mastered his mind and body, he will not defeat the enemy.”

One cannot accomplish things simply with enthalpy. One must take a broad view. It will not do to make blazing judgments concerning good and evil. However, one should not be cold and sluggish. It is said that one is not truly a pyro if he does not make his decisions quickly and break right through to completion.


Ru-Suta Ni Buta

August 22, 2008

Copy of the Pyro’s Journal – Entry from August 22, 2008
This entry is to be used for BLU-HR purposes only. Edits required for confidentiality.

Once XXXXXXX XXXXX BLU Executive 67-63-0 gamed nothing in a battle, but in a later judgment it was said, “XXXXX 67-63-0 is a general of great courage. Of his men who died in battle, not one of them died with his back burned. They all died with flames pushing towards enemy lines.” S ince a pyro’ s daily frame of mind is manifested even after death, a mislit fire can be burned into his mind as shame.

Presumably it can be said that a man who has been burned to the ground was lacking in ability and had run out of luck as a warrior. The man who ashed him, compelled by unavoidable circumstances and feeling that there was nothing else to be done, also put his life on the line, and thus there should be no evidence of cowardice. Being wasteful of fuel is inappropriate, but it cannot be said that two men who face each other are cowards.

However, even if one’s fuel were to be suddenly cut off, he should be able to gain one more kill with certainty. The last moments of XXXXXXX XXXXX BLU Executive 67-63-0 are proof of this . Had his fire been weak, he would have fallen the moment his fuel was severed. These actions occurred because of simple determination. With martial valor, if one becomes like a revengeful phoenix and shows great determination, though his pilot light is off, he should not die.


Kemuri no Sugi

August 8, 2008
Copy of the Pyro’s Journal – Entry from August 6, 2008
This entry is to be used for BLU-HR purposes only.  Edits required for confidentiality.

Above all, the Way of the Pyro should be in being aware that you do not know what is going to happen next, and in querying every red tinted thing that moves or does not move.  Victory and defeat are matters of the temporary inferno of circumstances.  The way of avoiding shame is different.  It is simply in flame.

Even if it seems certain that you will lose, retaliate.  Neither enemy distance nor remaining fuel has a place in this.  A real man does not think of victory or defeat.  He plunges recklessly towards an irrational death.  By doing this, you will awaken arise from the very same ashes as you have sown.
The Pyro’s leader, XXXXXXX XXXXX BLU Executive 1338-24-5, was killed in action and his son, XXXX Jakob, at the age of eighteen took over his father’s position as an Executive attached to Corporate.  Once a certain man on his side received a deep wound, and since the blood would not clot, XXXX Jakob ordered him to drink the feces of a nearby cow (overheard mooing in the distance) mixed with ditch water.  The wounded man said, “Life is dear to me.  How can I drink cow feces?”   XXXX Jakob heard this and said, “What a team player!  I can barely hear what you say, but I think it may be reasonable.  However, the basic meaning of loyalty requires us to preserve our lives and gain victory for BLU.  I will drink some for you.”  XXXX Jakob drank some himself and handed the tin cup to the wounded man who took the medicine gratefully and recovered.

Nenshou no Kikigaki

July 30, 2008

Copy of the Pyro’s Journal – Entry from July 30, 2008
This entry is to be used for BLU-HR purposes only.

 The Way of the Pyro is found in death.  When it comes to either / or, there is only the quick choice of death.

It is not particularly difficult to close your final eyes while multiple enemies burn to their final deaths.  Be determined in the face of enemy fire and chaos and advance.  To say that dying without a flaming inferno of human flesh surrounding you is to die a dog’s death is a frivolous way of the superiors.  When pressed with the choice of life or death, it is not necessary to meet the objective.

If by setting one alight every morning and evening, one is able to live as though his body were already dead, he pains freedom in the Way.  His whole life will be with flame, and he will succeed in the calling.