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Carn Dum Carnage [pt. 7]

September 25, 2008

Finally having breached the keep of Mordirith, the Council party is on the last leg of it’s righteous expedition.  Their arduous quest has just begun though.  The first hall alone holds platoons of elite angmarim and dire uruks.  We graciously make ourselves at home.

Ah, here’s the butler to take our coats.  That’s ok, we’re not staying long.

In this chamber an angmarim enchantress tries to rally her fellows and stand against the Council.  She is but one woman but her foul curses pose a deadly threat even to these fine heroes.

The Councilmembers draw upon the strength of their fellowship, focusing the virtue of their kindship and their quest to reinvigorate their power!

And unleash all they have to smite the witch down.

There are many more foes like her, and many worse still that await us as we begin our final ascent of the dread towers to cast the false king of Angmar down from his black thrown.


Book 5, Chapter 4 – The Key-Stone

September 14, 2008

The dwarf told me that my next stop would be Iskeld’s Lookout, a place overrun by snowbeasts. It was one of the abandoned dwarf-holds that the dwarves left when the dragon, Thorog, took what was now Helegrod.

The snow beasts were not a problem; although there were a few bloody white carcasses laying near the Bruinen source. I meant to take some time to meditate on the source, and the Bruinen’s passage farther south, but I must say I was tiring of the Misty Mountains and the dwarf’s requests.

Gloin was happy that I returned. He always was though, I decided because it was some task that he did not have to do. At least I would not be attacking the Dourhand fortress without dwarven help… I hope.


Carn Dum Carnage [pt. 6]

September 7, 2008

The Council has almost cleared a path through the city where the Witch King once reigned.  This bastion of evil and darkness is once again teeming with vile society under the direction of Mordirith, the false-king, the Steward of Angmar.  To his keep and castle we make our way.   The main avenue, boxed in with arthritic buildings and cold cruel stone walls, is patrolled by brute squads of the most massive battle trolls.

We are growing weary but undaunted.  The keep of Mordirith looms in the gloom over the parade grounds of evil armies long vanquished.  We must stop the new hordes from returning to their past grim glory.

The gate keepers of Mordirith are not as intimidating as they were meant to be.  These would be some of Angmar’s toughest battle tested Troll warriors.  But they’d obviously never met adversaries on par with the Council!

Only one beast now stands in our way.  The lone guard of Mordirith’s front door.  He stands patiently waiting for visitors…

Go on up and introduce us, Bryandt!

Their doorman cuts quite a figure… and he seems quite excited to meet our Guardian! (Yes, Bryandt is still in this picture. ;-})

It seems we’re not on the guest list.  We’ll just have to gate crash!


Book 5, Chapter 3 – The High Fortress

August 15, 2008

To hit the Dourhand fortress unexpectedly, we would have to find the secret entrance.  At least according to Gloin.  I knew that Gloin’s small party could not directly assault the Gabilazan, but I was unsure of Gloin’s strong belief that we would hit the Dourhand’s without them even knowing it.  Of course, I wasn’t a dwarf.  This was dwarf business.

To find the secret entrance I would have to enter the vault and search the cornerstone of the entire fortress.  Gloin refused to go with me again, stating that if they saw dwarf involvement a war could erupt.  Gloin’s forces would then probably lose.  I was to go alone, or with any of my own allies.  I decided to search the fortress alone.  I remembered from my other journeys through the fortress that the outer fortress was really two gatehouses locking in an area surrounded on the sides by mountains.  In between there were many smaller buildings and a few larger ones, including the inner keep where Skorgrim and the Nazgul would probably be.  Luckily, the vault was one of the lesser buildings, but I had a feeling that it was heavily guarded.   Dwarf materialism, indeed.

The vault was easy to locate, and Maiden and I crept closer to the campfire near the vault.  The dwarves standing watch by the campfire had let their eyes become too adjusted to the light of the blazing logs.  They made for swift kills.  Inside the vault there were two more guards that we dispatched nearly as quickly.  I led the way down the stairs to the cornerstone to see three Dourhands, of some rank, guarding the room.  I knew Maiden and I could not handle all three by ourselves, but the closest ally of the Council was at least a hard week away in Rivendell.

I decided to try and use the dwarven flaw of greed to good use, especially since the fallen Dourhands would have lost any virtue to counter that greed.  We rushed in with a yell and felled a Dourhand captain and heavily wounding a guard.  Then we ran out to the campfire hoping the two remaining Dourhands would not follow.  They did not.  We rested for a bit and planned our next attack.  I would rush in and kill the guard while Maiden would keep the highly-ranked dwarf busy.  While they fought, I would quickly search the cornerstone, hoping Maiden could keep the protector occupied.  The plan went off effortlessly, and while one dwarf remained standing (heavily wounded, I might add).  I felt his evil masters would not let him live the night.

Gloin was overjoyed upon our return.  Even though he had sent us on what might be a fruitless mission, our luck had smiled on us.


Book 5, Chapter 2 – Troublesome Goblins

August 12, 2008

Gloin told me about a goblin named Gurzmat who seemed to be driving goblins in to a frenzy.  The ancient dwarf thought that it might have been one of the Nazgul that started the goblin’s advance.  I would be on my own though.  Gloin was occupied with other issues, and the goblin’s had not advanced far enough to Gloin’s camp or Rivendell to cause much more notice.

I started attacking goblin camps at Pinnath Fenui at night.  The goblins were dropping under my warhammer, but my morale was wearing thin.  I did not think I would make it much higher along the ridge to get to the goblin leader, Gurzmat.  My heart was growing heavy, and so was my warhammer.  I began to journey back to Gloin’s camp to beg for the dwarves’ help when I saw two minstrels surrounded by a pack of wargs.  They were not long for this world if I did not step in the fray.  I gave a battle shout and attacked two of the wargs from behind, and I then issued a challenge to the third mountain warg.  Soon I had four wargs attacking me, but my morale and skill with the warhammer was high.  The beasts were felled shortly after the battle started.

I discussed my predicament with the two minstrels, while they bandaged their wounds.  I needed their help in getting further into the goblin lines.  They agreed, but I think it was mostly because their own goals seemed to complement mine.


We used the cloak of night to swiftly move up the ridgeline, and it was not long before we reached Gurzmat’s fire.  I was surprised that he was not surrounded by guards, as cowardly goblins usually are.  However, my morale was so high I boldly challenged Gurzmat while the minstrels were still squabbling in the shadows on how best to kill the goblin.  Immediately the cowardly goblin called two dwarf guards out of the nearby tents!  I knew immediately that these were of the fallen Dourhand’s clan.  I locked in battle step with Gurzmat after bashing one of the dwarves quickly in the head.  The minstrels took care of the other dwarf, and soon we were the only ones standing.

I wished the minstrels well with a cheer for victory, and we parted at the base of Pinnath Fenui.  I returned to Gloin’s camp to tell him the strange news of goblins apparently allied with the evil Dourhand dwarves.  Instead of falling in surprise, Gloin spoke as if the critical piece of the puzzle had been revealed.  He told me that his goal was now the same as mine.  The Nazgul was likely at the Dourhand’s fortress in the Misty Mountains, with Skorgrim and the seat of the Dourhand’s power.


Book 5, Chapter 1 – Into the Misty Mountains

August 4, 2008

From the Journals of Ravric Samudaya of Dale

Entry 35

I have not written in some time.  The Enemy has deemed fit to batter me to exhaustion, and my soul was weary for this world until I found Rivendell.  I have helped the Elf-friends chase the Black Riders from the Trollshaws, and in doing so have become friendly to Lord Elrond, master of Imladris.  Lord Elrond told me he feared one of the Nine fled to the Misty Mountains to use the goblin-kind to their wills.  Since the death of the great Goblin King, ages past, and the squabbles of those goblins claiming that throne, the goblin of Misty Mountains have been weak creatures.  Lord Elrond believes that a Nazgul, or similarly dark power, could forge a piercing blade from the gibbering goblin masses.

I agreed to go to Gloin’s encampment to see if he had any other news.  His encampment was not new to me as I had traveled into the Misty Mountains many times, including a foray into Goblin Town (where I had personally seen no dark force behind the mountain goblins).  Gloin’s camp was useful as a stopover upon further adventures into the mountains.  This would be the first time, though, that I would approach the legendary dwarf for anything for than warm greeting and ale by a campfire.

When I had a chance to talk with Gloin, the dwarf seemed a little surprised that a Nazgul had entered this cold realm.  His hands worried in apprehension, but it seemed like there was other thoughts and troubles on his mind.  I shared a horn of ale with Gloin, and we talked about his adventures with Bilbo into Goblin Town and beyond.  I think that he will ask for help with his other worries tomorrow.


Relics of the Ring Forge

August 1, 2008

As of the big Book 14 update, all the servers are in an event to collect Relics and turn them into the Heralds for a nice treasure chest.  The treasure chest holds some things like the 700 point reputation items (all that I have gotten) up to rare armor drop materials.  As I am only level 42, I have only a few options to get the Relics; the Bitter Stair in the Misty Mountains being one of the best options.

A lot of other players feel the same way, but luckily the turnover is quick because only 5 Relic drops are needed from the corrupted men guarding the Stair to complete the quest.  I am not sure of how the downtime on the quest works.  Sometimes I can’t redo the quest for 6 hours, and other times it has been 12 hours.  Either way the possibility of getting such good drops from the chest has me doing the quest first thing when I log on for the day.