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Deus Ex

August 26, 2008

Although I occasionally join up with Ravious and Mondhund in Team Fortress 2 or Guild Wars, lately I’ve found myself going back and playing a few older computer games. While they might not have the pretty graphics or the refined game play that their descendants might bring to the table, many of these classic games can still hold their own.

Most recently my game of choice has been a little gem known as Deus Ex. I’m not going to go into the details that can be found on the game’s wikipedia article but Deus Ex was witten by Ion Storm and published be Eidios Interactive in 2000 for the XBox and PC. In 2002 it was released for the PS2 with updated graphics and pre-rendered cinematic.

Let’s be honest – the graphics are not up to today’s standard and the user interface is a little outdated. But despite its age Deus Ex is still a fantastic example of the First Person Sneaker style of game.

Behold Deus Ex's stunning graphics!

Behold Deus Ex's stunning graphics!

I’m going to follow this article up with a couple more which will go into a little more depth in some of my favorite aspects of this game. I will try to be vague enough to not spoil the story for anyone because I highly recommend this game to anyone who hasn’t played it before. If you can find it in your local bargain bin you can’t go wrong. And if you enjoy similar older games like System Shock and the Thief series then you’ll definitely enjoy Deus Ex.