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Ladytron Love

October 16, 2008

Audiosurf seems most perfectly suited for electronica.  I mean this is sci-fi stuff right? Flying a space ship on a course created by the music.  A steady beat makes for a simple track though.  More complex layered songs like those of the Chemical Brothers or Ladytron (featured below) make for a fascinating trip through rythm and space!  (and it can get pretty frantic too!)

Here’re vids of surfing a couple totally schweet trax off of Ladytron’s latest album Velocifero:

Black Cat



Through the Fire and the Flames

October 4, 2008

My name is Mondhund.  I am a Marauder of the Raven Host.  For now it may help you to know that, but soon it will not matter.  For what I really am is a vessel.  A vessel for your salvation.  A vessel of Change.

As I and my kindred sweep through your lands we bring a wave of Destruction, Fire, and Pain.  But as you gaze upon the smoldering timbers of your home and the cloven carcasses of your family, and as you raise your ecstatic wail of agony to the skies, know that our rite of cleansing is only an introduction.  Fear us not for we do not waste.  We are the saviors of the world.

I am blessed to be touched by the Raven God and made an instrument of his deed.  My body is bent and formed by His hand like the wrought iron of the steelsmith.  I am a tool shaped by Him to in turn shape the world.  Nothing matters now but to implement the Change of this fragile land.

You may call me Mondhund. You may call me Marauder. But, you need not call out at all nor give me thanks.

Good deeds are their own reward.

(( So far I’ve only really played my main, the Marauder.  Now at lvl 12 this melee dps class just gets more and more badass.  I am loving it 😀   I have three different “mutations”, the gifts of Savagery, Brutality, and Monstrosity.  Each of these morphs my left arm into a grotesque claw of some sort, allow me to use different sets of skills, and each buffs my stats in a different direction.

((Savagery is focused on debuffing an enemy and doing damage over time.  I have skills that infect them, cause their spells to fail, reduce their defenses, and cause them to take damage from their own most potent attacks.  It buffs my stats for accuracy to make sure my attacks hit their marks.  I use this most in my solo PvE exploits as I’m generally fighting monsters one on one.  If I get more than one critter I can DOTs one up and move on to the next.

((Brutality is focused on doing massive amounts of damage to a single target.  I have skills that hinder a target’s mobility, do massive spikes of damage to enemies fleeing from me, or focus all may rage into a single prolonged thrashing.  Strength is buffed most to maximize damage output.  I use this mostly in PvP since I’m generally in a group and when enemies are distracted I can finish them off swiftly, not to mention prevent them from fleeing.

((Monstrosity is kind of the catch-all but mostly focused on Area of Effect attacking.  It buffs Toughness to help me survive as I’m taking on groups of enemies.  I don’t have many skills for this yet (at least not ones that don’t also work in my other forms) so I only use it when I’ve pulled down a whole swarm of weaker enemies.  Then I just wail on them all at once till they drop!

My adventures may be swifter than some other classes but the goal is that by the time I go down I’ve taken a whole lot of enemies with me.  When I actually do have someone healing me I can be very disturbing to the enemy!))


Carn Dum Carnage [pt. 7]

September 25, 2008

Finally having breached the keep of Mordirith, the Council party is on the last leg of it’s righteous expedition.  Their arduous quest has just begun though.  The first hall alone holds platoons of elite angmarim and dire uruks.  We graciously make ourselves at home.

Ah, here’s the butler to take our coats.  That’s ok, we’re not staying long.

In this chamber an angmarim enchantress tries to rally her fellows and stand against the Council.  She is but one woman but her foul curses pose a deadly threat even to these fine heroes.

The Councilmembers draw upon the strength of their fellowship, focusing the virtue of their kindship and their quest to reinvigorate their power!

And unleash all they have to smite the witch down.

There are many more foes like her, and many worse still that await us as we begin our final ascent of the dread towers to cast the false king of Angmar down from his black thrown.


Carn Dum Carnage [pt. 6]

September 7, 2008

The Council has almost cleared a path through the city where the Witch King once reigned.  This bastion of evil and darkness is once again teeming with vile society under the direction of Mordirith, the false-king, the Steward of Angmar.  To his keep and castle we make our way.   The main avenue, boxed in with arthritic buildings and cold cruel stone walls, is patrolled by brute squads of the most massive battle trolls.

We are growing weary but undaunted.  The keep of Mordirith looms in the gloom over the parade grounds of evil armies long vanquished.  We must stop the new hordes from returning to their past grim glory.

The gate keepers of Mordirith are not as intimidating as they were meant to be.  These would be some of Angmar’s toughest battle tested Troll warriors.  But they’d obviously never met adversaries on par with the Council!

Only one beast now stands in our way.  The lone guard of Mordirith’s front door.  He stands patiently waiting for visitors…

Go on up and introduce us, Bryandt!

Their doorman cuts quite a figure… and he seems quite excited to meet our Guardian! (Yes, Bryandt is still in this picture. ;-})

It seems we’re not on the guest list.  We’ll just have to gate crash!


Mono, Ninja, Rock

September 2, 2008

It’s hard as hell to explain Audiosurf to someone.  I mean, it’s easy to sell them on it, because if you just tell them the pieces they’ll expect awesome.  The game takes a song from your own music collection (mp3s on your hard drive) and forms a track out of it that you race a little space ship along and collect colored blocks.  Most folks will be on board with this simple description.

But nothing can can express the experience that goes beyond the simple facts.  There’s listening to your music, there’s watching your music, and then there’s RIDING your music.  It’s intense and passionate and a blast!

A simple demonstration is a poor substitute for the real thing, but here’s a taste.  What’s a more appropriate soundtrack to zipping along in your space ship than some old school Floyd?

Let There Be More Light

Astronomy Domine

Interstellar Overdrive

(Don’t forget to comment and “like” the vids! ;-})


Goofin’ off in Guild Wars

July 26, 2008

What I really appreciate about Guild Wars is that it consistently delivers a instantly gratifying visceral experience of ass-whooping. In the PvE side of things, it couldn’t be easier to grab a quest, fill up your party with friends, henchmen, or heroes (henchmen you can level and load-out), and follow the green arrows to wherever you’re supposed to smite, while smiting everything along the way.

PvP is even easier. The game is by no means deep (though more crunch-minded folk than myself can make a career out of min-maxing their characters’ stats and skill loadouts for maximum tactical excellence). But when you just need to go cleave monsters in twain RIGHT NOW it delivers.

I’ve got a sword and a sheild and several skills that use them to deadly effect. I mash the skill that lets me sprint up to an enemy before it can use it’s tricksey magicks against me. I’ve got a bash and slash skill that hits hard and quick. A wicked slashing attack that opens a bleeding wound and a crippling final attack that will exploit the wound for massive terminal damage.

Here is a silly little video of my main character, only level 8 out of 20, and a squad of npcs tearing carnage across the lush countryside. [VIDEO HERE (eventually)]


A Burglar in the Barrow Downs

July 19, 2008

Just a quick post with a vid and a word on atmosphere. The Barrow Downs are an example of how great LotRO does ambiance. One second things are bright with sunny blue skies, the next you step through the pass leading to these ancient battlefields turned graveyard and everything is bleak and disturbing.

Here young Kaetlyn Austin, a burglar on the run from her home in Dale, ventures into the Barrow Downs to pinch some valuable ore. A chill evil looms over her shoulder, however… [VIDEO HERE]