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A Sniper’s Scalpel

September 3, 2008

Entry from the Sniper’s Voice Journal (tape 17, minutes 17-18):

Sniping a whacka in the head is a great thing, mate.  You take a squizz through your scope to see a seppo gobsmacked with another hole through the noggin.  Back at the HQ, they are worth a skite.

But, you don’t want to jumbuck with headshots the whole time. Those snipers seem to have tickets on themselves, but it’s really nothing spiffy. Don’t want to figjam with the amount of third-eyes I’ve pinned, but the ripper shots are the ones I brag about. Seeing a ruski turn the corner with his old greaser, only to make him keel over when you shot him through the avos. Now that’ll have anybody grinning like a shot fox.

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Brevity of Position

July 1, 2008

Entry from the Sniper’s Voice Journal (tape 14, minutes 36-39):

The position of a sniper is a tenuous one at best.  A rookie sniper will at least know to keep himself somewhat hidden from the enemy, in a position to get himself a corker. A good sniper will know when to move positions when the knockers have dobbed ’em in. A veteran sniper will work with his mates to line up for the perfect shot, straight through a diggers’s head. But, the best sniper will have a sniff after the headshot without any wobbly and get right back to supporting his mates.

Sometimes, though, yeah. You find yourself in a bit of pickle. The mates have fallen back while you covered their bags and slowed down the payload from getting back to the cobbers. Be professional, don’t chuck a spaz, and if you’re lucky you’ll find yourself back at the cas with “Get Well” cards from yer oldies.

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