Ruinous Powers (Book of Crows 1:17-31)

September 18, 2008

There on the river was the village of Thorshafn ground to dust. And though the pillaging produced many spoils, which would fuel the Raven Host onward to the Empire’s heart. The view of Thorshafn was thus commanded by a bright wizard’s tower. And there did many righteous attackers besiege the tower. And there did they withstand the flames to kill many of the wizard’s acolytes. However, the path to the wizard above was barred. And the newly emerged Host could not yet cause the tower to fall.

Thus, did four priests of Change build a structure to summon a servant of thy Lord from the Warp unto the tower.  The Raven Host defended the structure for hours against the Thorshafn defenders. And the souls of the fallen men were reaped to fuel the dark summoning of a daemon of change.  The wizard lord Mathus, the coward of from the tower, did come to the structure.  And a ball of fire from the heavens did come down on the summoning portal.

Tzeentch’s sorcerors did cry out, “the daemon of change eludes us.” And their souls were ripped from their body as a beast of Khorne, Kar’Thok the Bloodhowler did emerge from the portal. The wizard lord Mathus was smote by Kar’Thok, and thus Thorshafn fell. The uncontrolled beast was then slain by the Raven Host as this victory would not be Khorne’s.


Proving Ground (Book of Crows 1:4-16)

September 17, 2008

The Raven Host did emerge. And it would cleanse the world as blood washes blood. There did the mighty Host behold the simple village of Thorshafn. And there did the Host with a herd of the beastmen claim the village. It was not tooth and blade that destroyed the defenses of the Empire. It was the fear of the Raven God’s everlasting knowledge. Thus did He give thy servants power to awaken the crypts. And thus did the village quake with fear. And thus were many slaughtered in the name of Tzeentch.

The Raven Host was there firstly emerged. And it still had yet to cull the weak of its own flock. Thy servant Ravious found a warrior gifted with Change. He had begged the unworthy Empire defenders for mercy. And thus did the marauder hide, praying to false gods for mercy. Thy servant was quick to deal him death. And Ravious did show the weapon of the weak marauder to the Host. That they remember there will be no mercy. May it be so.


Genesis (Book of Crows 1:1-3)

September 16, 2008

And a herald for thy Lord stepped from the swirling whispers of Change.  The Zealot Ravious raised his knife to the air, and called forth the power of the Changer of Ways.  Thy will be done.


Book 5, Chapter 4 – The Key-Stone

September 14, 2008

The dwarf told me that my next stop would be Iskeld’s Lookout, a place overrun by snowbeasts. It was one of the abandoned dwarf-holds that the dwarves left when the dragon, Thorog, took what was now Helegrod.

The snow beasts were not a problem; although there were a few bloody white carcasses laying near the Bruinen source. I meant to take some time to meditate on the source, and the Bruinen’s passage farther south, but I must say I was tiring of the Misty Mountains and the dwarf’s requests.

Gloin was happy that I returned. He always was though, I decided because it was some task that he did not have to do. At least I would not be attacking the Dourhand fortress without dwarven help… I hope.


A PvP-only WAR

September 9, 2008

Mythic gave the closed beta testers a few extra days before Warhammer Online Open Beta. Most of us were unsure as to whether our characters would get wiped, and my guild (Xen of Onslaught) was having a tough time deciding which server to use.  So, I had an idea from one of Josh Drescher’s (Mythic developer) interviews.  In it, he was challenged to play only RvR to see if it would work, and he said he was amazed that he could.  I decided to try the same with a Goblin Shaman.

The first hitch, and a notable one that I have seen through countless first impressions, is without prior knowledge of the game, RvR-only would be impossible.  You have to know how to queue up for Scenarios.  You have to know how to get to your first warcamp.  You have to know how to use Renown advancements.  There is a lot of required knowledge to be able to pull off RvR-only in a fun manner.

Luckily I did.  I hopped on and immediately entered a Scenario Queue and started the 5-10 minute run from the Chapter 1 Greenskin area to the Tier 1 Greenskin Warcamp: Screeb’s Stunty Killin’ Camp.  I made it to about midway between Chapters 1 and 2 before getting thrown in to a Scenario.  When it was over I was Rank 2 in Character and Renown (even though we lost).  Along the way I did about two more scenarios, and I am pretty sure I was Character Rank 3 by the time I got to the Warcamp.

In each Tier 1 Warcamp there are quests to scout out the Battlefield Objectives in the Tier 1 RvR-zone.  Doing all of these is crucial to fast leveling in RvR-only mode.  If you are lucky you can find a group heading towards an enemy controlled Battlefield Objective to knock out two birds with one stone.  Also, while you continue to do Scenarios keep getting the repeatable quest that requires you to complete the Scenario.  It is a great way to get a tad more experience and some gold to boot.

All in all, I had a pretty good time.  My guildmates told me that it was much faster to level by staying in a Public Quest and do Scenarios, but in this game I am not worried about speed.  You can RvR and “raid” at every Tier.  So to further answer the question: can you just RvR/PvP in WAR?  I would say resoundingly “yes.”


Carn Dum Carnage [pt. 6]

September 7, 2008

The Council has almost cleared a path through the city where the Witch King once reigned.  This bastion of evil and darkness is once again teeming with vile society under the direction of Mordirith, the false-king, the Steward of Angmar.  To his keep and castle we make our way.   The main avenue, boxed in with arthritic buildings and cold cruel stone walls, is patrolled by brute squads of the most massive battle trolls.

We are growing weary but undaunted.  The keep of Mordirith looms in the gloom over the parade grounds of evil armies long vanquished.  We must stop the new hordes from returning to their past grim glory.

The gate keepers of Mordirith are not as intimidating as they were meant to be.  These would be some of Angmar’s toughest battle tested Troll warriors.  But they’d obviously never met adversaries on par with the Council!

Only one beast now stands in our way.  The lone guard of Mordirith’s front door.  He stands patiently waiting for visitors…

Go on up and introduce us, Bryandt!

Their doorman cuts quite a figure… and he seems quite excited to meet our Guardian! (Yes, Bryandt is still in this picture. ;-})

It seems we’re not on the guest list.  We’ll just have to gate crash!


A Sniper’s Scalpel

September 3, 2008

Entry from the Sniper’s Voice Journal (tape 17, minutes 17-18):

Sniping a whacka in the head is a great thing, mate.  You take a squizz through your scope to see a seppo gobsmacked with another hole through the noggin.  Back at the HQ, they are worth a skite.

But, you don’t want to jumbuck with headshots the whole time. Those snipers seem to have tickets on themselves, but it’s really nothing spiffy. Don’t want to figjam with the amount of third-eyes I’ve pinned, but the ripper shots are the ones I brag about. Seeing a ruski turn the corner with his old greaser, only to make him keel over when you shot him through the avos. Now that’ll have anybody grinning like a shot fox.

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