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Ventrilo – Living Room Edition

August 3, 2008

Moondog548 and I had a huge three hour Team Fortress 2 session this past weekend on some rotating official map public servers (no mods).  Once a week or so I drag my laptop over and we game together in the same room.  Sometimes it would really make no difference whether I came over or not, for communication purposes.  In fact, it might help alleviate some of the byproduct due to ten or so Taco Bell burritos.

I decided to try something a little new, and became Moondog548’s pet medic.  Our best play was on Gravelpit where Moondog548 was a soldier, and I tried out my underused Kritzkrieg.  The results were spectacular.

It really helped to be in the same room. The communication was more solid and focused than it could have been over the in-game chat of TF2, and it would have even edged out a private Ventrilo (or Teamspeak, shudder) server with just the two of us on. I knew where he was at almost all times, his 50 inch monitor helped, and he knew when I was ready to blast him with an uber. When playing as a medic normally, I have only minimal communication with the guy I am about to uber. I have to guess where my patient is going. The other player has to guess if I am going to uber him or her at the right time. The efficiency of the duo plummets in comparison. I can’t wait for a similar fight night where we can repeat this in TF2 or another game requiring such efficient communications. I foresee great results.


Nenshou no Kikigaki

July 30, 2008

Copy of the Pyro’s Journal – Entry from July 30, 2008
This entry is to be used for BLU-HR purposes only.

 The Way of the Pyro is found in death.  When it comes to either / or, there is only the quick choice of death.

It is not particularly difficult to close your final eyes while multiple enemies burn to their final deaths.  Be determined in the face of enemy fire and chaos and advance.  To say that dying without a flaming inferno of human flesh surrounding you is to die a dog’s death is a frivolous way of the superiors.  When pressed with the choice of life or death, it is not necessary to meet the objective.

If by setting one alight every morning and evening, one is able to live as though his body were already dead, he pains freedom in the Way.  His whole life will be with flame, and he will succeed in the calling.


A Heavy, Sudden Death

July 21, 2008

In the newly officiated Team Fortress 2 map Fastlane, I decided to go with a Heavy for the Sudden Death. I don’t know why, and I rarely play the Heavy… but it worked out wonderfully. Moondog took video of it, he runs up to me just as I finished my first kill (a Pyro), and then I killed another Pyro, and right at the end when Moondog gets backstabbed… I make two more kills, including the offending Spy.  We ended up winning the 12v12 match.  Enjoy! WeGame Link!


Burninating the Peasants

July 7, 2008

What is a Fourth of July weekend without a barbecue?  The smell of roasting meat.  Sparklers flaring up all around the neighborhood.  Bottlerocket tag.  Burning every moving thing you see in TF2.

Long before the Pyro Advancement Pack, I played plenty as a Pyro. My three all time top classes for timeplayed are Soldier, Medic, and Pyro in that order. Engineer lags behind a little, but all the rest are clearly “underplayed.”  I feel I understand the Tao of a Pyro.  It is to rush headlong into a fray, preferably turning a corner and jumping out like a rubber wet-suit ninja, into a crowd of the enemy color.  Your survivability is not an issue.

The problem right now is that the Pyro is new and shiny, and many others are also playing one of my favorite classes.  It makes some games plenty different because one of the Pyro’s worst enemies is the same class on the opposite team because Pyro’s don’t burn.  Regardless, I had a blast on the servers this weekend.  Saturday night was great with another Department of Energy fight night, and we had some pretty high caliber players that night.  It was not a night for sipping beer and expecting to stay alive… it was a night for burninating.


Der Ubermensch Kritzkrieg

July 3, 2008

I have been trying to slowly unlock the new weapons in Team Fortress 2.  I finally completed the 16 necessary achievements to get the Kritzkrieg.  My 16th Achievement was the Autopsy Report, which required me to “provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of [me] taunting above their ragdoll.”  It’s not really a difficult Achievement, but it required a few tries to get right.  The difficulty in the Achievement lies in the fact that the Medic is poor, offensively, and the Medic’s main offensive weapon is ranged.  So standing over a dead body you just killed might only happen one or two times a match.  Then you have to put yourself in a completely defenseless position (by taunting) and pray a soldier doesn’t come along and shoot you in the face mid-glove snap.

 I got the Achievement at Capture Point A in Gravelpit, being on defense.  I was coming out of the tunnel between points A and B, and I saw a Spy.  I pulled out my Syringe Gun and started launching needles into him while he tried to run back to near the enemy entrance point A.  I mowed him down right near the outhouse structure, and I started doing the taunt.  About midway a scout and a soldier entered the main area, but thankfully ran the other way.  If they saw me, they were probably too stunned to see a Medic taunting right near their entrance point.  I nabbed the Achievement, and ran back around the other side of point A with a mere 23 health… getting right back into action.


Brevity of Position

July 1, 2008

Entry from the Sniper’s Voice Journal (tape 14, minutes 36-39):

The position of a sniper is a tenuous one at best.  A rookie sniper will at least know to keep himself somewhat hidden from the enemy, in a position to get himself a corker. A good sniper will know when to move positions when the knockers have dobbed ’em in. A veteran sniper will work with his mates to line up for the perfect shot, straight through a diggers’s head. But, the best sniper will have a sniff after the headshot without any wobbly and get right back to supporting his mates.

Sometimes, though, yeah. You find yourself in a bit of pickle. The mates have fallen back while you covered their bags and slowed down the payload from getting back to the cobbers. Be professional, don’t chuck a spaz, and if you’re lucky you’ll find yourself back at the cas with “Get Well” cards from yer oldies.

<Session Ended.  © Reliable Excavation Demolition Transcription Services >


Department of Energy Fight Night

June 30, 2008

The Mega City Department of Energy kicked off its new server with a fight night with invitations going out across the net.  The gameplay was vanilla TF2 with the new maps jsut released with they pyro advancement pack.  Normally I had played on the 32-person Lotus Clan servers, or analogous beasts, and I must say I now much prefer the smaller servers.

The game plays almost completely differently between a 32-man server and a 24-man server.  In a 32-man, what you play is rarely a big deal.  There is usually always medic support, sniper support, a heavy, etc.  It is great because you don’t have “we need an engie” being whined about in voice, but it also feels like what you play doesn’t matter as much.  A smaller server makes your choice of class feel much more pertinent.  It almost adds a cat and mouse layer over the actual gameplay.  For example, switching to a spy for a couple minutes might totally balance the scales against an engie/sniper heavy team.

That was the feeling I had playing the Dept. of Energy and Friends fight night.  My choice of class at any given time was part of the skill needed to succeed at Team Fortress 2.  I think I am going to swim in smaller waters for a while…