Carn Dum Carnage [pt. 7]

September 25, 2008

Finally having breached the keep of Mordirith, the Council party is on the last leg of it’s righteous expedition.  Their arduous quest has just begun though.  The first hall alone holds platoons of elite angmarim and dire uruks.  We graciously make ourselves at home.

Ah, here’s the butler to take our coats.  That’s ok, we’re not staying long.

In this chamber an angmarim enchantress tries to rally her fellows and stand against the Council.  She is but one woman but her foul curses pose a deadly threat even to these fine heroes.

The Councilmembers draw upon the strength of their fellowship, focusing the virtue of their kindship and their quest to reinvigorate their power!

And unleash all they have to smite the witch down.

There are many more foes like her, and many worse still that await us as we begin our final ascent of the dread towers to cast the false king of Angmar down from his black thrown.


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