Destruction of the Weak (Book of Crows 2:12-20)

September 23, 2008

And so did the Raven Host fall on the prey in the Wulfsiege Forest.  A caravan of Empire goods were thus pillaged, and the weak Empire guards did try to foolishly defend their overturned carts.  Three times did a hero arise from the splintered wood and bodies of the fallen, and three times did the Chaos warparty smite the Empire heroes.  Such was the fury of the Host, that Ravious barely healed or warped any flesh.  His was the mastery of Tzeentch’s agony upon the heroes.  When they fell their wounds and skin bubbled and warped with Change.

A steady stream of gold, bodies, and souls found passage back to the Sorceror’s Axiom.  And so did a group of magus overlooking the forest begin to cast the magics of the Lord to clear a path through the wreckage such that the might of the Raven Host would continue to move south.


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