Ruinous Powers (Book of Crows 1:17-31)

September 18, 2008

There on the river was the village of Thorshafn ground to dust. And though the pillaging produced many spoils, which would fuel the Raven Host onward to the Empire’s heart. The view of Thorshafn was thus commanded by a bright wizard’s tower. And there did many righteous attackers besiege the tower. And there did they withstand the flames to kill many of the wizard’s acolytes. However, the path to the wizard above was barred. And the newly emerged Host could not yet cause the tower to fall.

Thus, did four priests of Change build a structure to summon a servant of thy Lord from the Warp unto the tower.  The Raven Host defended the structure for hours against the Thorshafn defenders. And the souls of the fallen men were reaped to fuel the dark summoning of a daemon of change.  The wizard lord Mathus, the coward of from the tower, did come to the structure.  And a ball of fire from the heavens did come down on the summoning portal.

Tzeentch’s sorcerors did cry out, “the daemon of change eludes us.” And their souls were ripped from their body as a beast of Khorne, Kar’Thok the Bloodhowler did emerge from the portal. The wizard lord Mathus was smote by Kar’Thok, and thus Thorshafn fell. The uncontrolled beast was then slain by the Raven Host as this victory would not be Khorne’s.


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