Proving Ground (Book of Crows 1:4-16)

September 17, 2008

The Raven Host did emerge. And it would cleanse the world as blood washes blood. There did the mighty Host behold the simple village of Thorshafn. And there did the Host with a herd of the beastmen claim the village. It was not tooth and blade that destroyed the defenses of the Empire. It was the fear of the Raven God’s everlasting knowledge. Thus did He give thy servants power to awaken the crypts. And thus did the village quake with fear. And thus were many slaughtered in the name of Tzeentch.

The Raven Host was there firstly emerged. And it still had yet to cull the weak of its own flock. Thy servant Ravious found a warrior gifted with Change. He had begged the unworthy Empire defenders for mercy. And thus did the marauder hide, praying to false gods for mercy. Thy servant was quick to deal him death. And Ravious did show the weapon of the weak marauder to the Host. That they remember there will be no mercy. May it be so.


One comment

  1. This tale is grim and righteous. (and that’s a great pic ;-})

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