Book 5, Chapter 4 – The Key-Stone

September 14, 2008

The dwarf told me that my next stop would be Iskeld’s Lookout, a place overrun by snowbeasts. It was one of the abandoned dwarf-holds that the dwarves left when the dragon, Thorog, took what was now Helegrod.

The snow beasts were not a problem; although there were a few bloody white carcasses laying near the Bruinen source. I meant to take some time to meditate on the source, and the Bruinen’s passage farther south, but I must say I was tiring of the Misty Mountains and the dwarf’s requests.

Gloin was happy that I returned. He always was though, I decided because it was some task that he did not have to do. At least I would not be attacking the Dourhand fortress without dwarven help… I hope.


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