Carn Dum Carnage [pt. 6]

September 7, 2008

The Council has almost cleared a path through the city where the Witch King once reigned.  This bastion of evil and darkness is once again teeming with vile society under the direction of Mordirith, the false-king, the Steward of Angmar.  To his keep and castle we make our way.   The main avenue, boxed in with arthritic buildings and cold cruel stone walls, is patrolled by brute squads of the most massive battle trolls.

We are growing weary but undaunted.  The keep of Mordirith looms in the gloom over the parade grounds of evil armies long vanquished.  We must stop the new hordes from returning to their past grim glory.

The gate keepers of Mordirith are not as intimidating as they were meant to be.  These would be some of Angmar’s toughest battle tested Troll warriors.  But they’d obviously never met adversaries on par with the Council!

Only one beast now stands in our way.  The lone guard of Mordirith’s front door.  He stands patiently waiting for visitors…

Go on up and introduce us, Bryandt!

Their doorman cuts quite a figure… and he seems quite excited to meet our Guardian! (Yes, Bryandt is still in this picture. ;-})

It seems we’re not on the guest list.  We’ll just have to gate crash!


One comment

  1. I liked the sequence of screenshots leading up to the gate. Quite cool. Can’t wait to see some Thaurlach shots!

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