Preview Weekend Wrap-Up

August 27, 2008

My Black Orc from closed beta was erased for the Warhammer Online preview weekend (8/22-8/25); so I decided to really bounce around trying new classes. For some reason, I gravitated towards the ranged DPS classes. The first one I tried was the Dark Elf Sorceress. She was pretty fun, and had that glass-jaw nuker feel.

The first Public Quest for the Dark Elves is the Spires of Narthain. The first phase has 30 Narthain Towerguard running out of the tower while a Dark Elf Black Drake fights a Sun Drake on the spires overhead. Most players, especially Sorcerers wil stand right where the High Elves exit and AoE nuke them as they run by. The phase is over very quickly. The second phase has you killing 15 Narthain Towerwatch, which are I believe Sun Mages. They are spread out and trying to kill the Black Drake (which happens when time runs out), but this phase too ends very quickly.

The final phase beings with Sunlathair, the Sun Drake, killing the Black Drake on the spires. She then drops down to continue the battle with the Dark Elves. While she flies down, she can be hit with long ranged attacks. Luckily for the low-leveled Dark Elves, Sunlathair is incredibly wounded from fighting the black drake. After a bunch of Sorcerors chewed her up with Doombolts, the Sun Drake drops from the sky to be set upon by Disciples and Witch Elves. A fine time, and a great way to show off the Public Quest system.

After messing around with the Dark Elves, I decided to flop on to the Order side of things. The Dwarf Engineer was not to my liking. It was too slow and toolkit-y. I would probably love it (or the Magus) once I got into PQs or RvR, but not solo PvE. I decided to go back and try the High Elves this time with their ranged DPS, the Shadow Warrior. I got her almost through all of Tier 1, and it was a great time.

My final stop was in Altdorf, the huge capital city for Order (right now), where I just ran around confused as to what was so neat about the “living city.” Honestly, I was not impressed. It seemed little different from WoW’s Stormwind, but I guess I had to dig deeper because there are dungeons and other things involved. I think mainly the living city is going to be most apparent when we burn down our enemy’s, otherwise at scratch-value it seemed no different from any other huge MMO city. I think they need to make the map a little clearer as to where the “cool stuff” is in Altdorf.

I am taking a long (Mythic imposed) break until Open Beta starts 9/7/2008, but I highly suggest Warhammer Alliance or WARdb for some great information and impressions.


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