Ru-Suta Ni Buta

August 22, 2008

Copy of the Pyro’s Journal – Entry from August 22, 2008
This entry is to be used for BLU-HR purposes only. Edits required for confidentiality.

Once XXXXXXX XXXXX BLU Executive 67-63-0 gamed nothing in a battle, but in a later judgment it was said, “XXXXX 67-63-0 is a general of great courage. Of his men who died in battle, not one of them died with his back burned. They all died with flames pushing towards enemy lines.” S ince a pyro’ s daily frame of mind is manifested even after death, a mislit fire can be burned into his mind as shame.

Presumably it can be said that a man who has been burned to the ground was lacking in ability and had run out of luck as a warrior. The man who ashed him, compelled by unavoidable circumstances and feeling that there was nothing else to be done, also put his life on the line, and thus there should be no evidence of cowardice. Being wasteful of fuel is inappropriate, but it cannot be said that two men who face each other are cowards.

However, even if one’s fuel were to be suddenly cut off, he should be able to gain one more kill with certainty. The last moments of XXXXXXX XXXXX BLU Executive 67-63-0 are proof of this . Had his fire been weak, he would have fallen the moment his fuel was severed. These actions occurred because of simple determination. With martial valor, if one becomes like a revengeful phoenix and shows great determination, though his pilot light is off, he should not die.


One comment

  1. Posthumous kill on a Heavy is the most precious of all! Congrats.

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