Book 5, Chapter 2 – Troublesome Goblins

August 12, 2008

Gloin told me about a goblin named Gurzmat who seemed to be driving goblins in to a frenzy.  The ancient dwarf thought that it might have been one of the Nazgul that started the goblin’s advance.  I would be on my own though.  Gloin was occupied with other issues, and the goblin’s had not advanced far enough to Gloin’s camp or Rivendell to cause much more notice.

I started attacking goblin camps at Pinnath Fenui at night.  The goblins were dropping under my warhammer, but my morale was wearing thin.  I did not think I would make it much higher along the ridge to get to the goblin leader, Gurzmat.  My heart was growing heavy, and so was my warhammer.  I began to journey back to Gloin’s camp to beg for the dwarves’ help when I saw two minstrels surrounded by a pack of wargs.  They were not long for this world if I did not step in the fray.  I gave a battle shout and attacked two of the wargs from behind, and I then issued a challenge to the third mountain warg.  Soon I had four wargs attacking me, but my morale and skill with the warhammer was high.  The beasts were felled shortly after the battle started.

I discussed my predicament with the two minstrels, while they bandaged their wounds.  I needed their help in getting further into the goblin lines.  They agreed, but I think it was mostly because their own goals seemed to complement mine.


We used the cloak of night to swiftly move up the ridgeline, and it was not long before we reached Gurzmat’s fire.  I was surprised that he was not surrounded by guards, as cowardly goblins usually are.  However, my morale was so high I boldly challenged Gurzmat while the minstrels were still squabbling in the shadows on how best to kill the goblin.  Immediately the cowardly goblin called two dwarf guards out of the nearby tents!  I knew immediately that these were of the fallen Dourhand’s clan.  I locked in battle step with Gurzmat after bashing one of the dwarves quickly in the head.  The minstrels took care of the other dwarf, and soon we were the only ones standing.

I wished the minstrels well with a cheer for victory, and we parted at the base of Pinnath Fenui.  I returned to Gloin’s camp to tell him the strange news of goblins apparently allied with the evil Dourhand dwarves.  Instead of falling in surprise, Gloin spoke as if the critical piece of the puzzle had been revealed.  He told me that his goal was now the same as mine.  The Nazgul was likely at the Dourhand’s fortress in the Misty Mountains, with Skorgrim and the seat of the Dourhand’s power.


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