Book 5, Chapter 1 – Into the Misty Mountains

August 4, 2008

From the Journals of Ravric Samudaya of Dale

Entry 35

I have not written in some time.  The Enemy has deemed fit to batter me to exhaustion, and my soul was weary for this world until I found Rivendell.  I have helped the Elf-friends chase the Black Riders from the Trollshaws, and in doing so have become friendly to Lord Elrond, master of Imladris.  Lord Elrond told me he feared one of the Nine fled to the Misty Mountains to use the goblin-kind to their wills.  Since the death of the great Goblin King, ages past, and the squabbles of those goblins claiming that throne, the goblin of Misty Mountains have been weak creatures.  Lord Elrond believes that a Nazgul, or similarly dark power, could forge a piercing blade from the gibbering goblin masses.

I agreed to go to Gloin’s encampment to see if he had any other news.  His encampment was not new to me as I had traveled into the Misty Mountains many times, including a foray into Goblin Town (where I had personally seen no dark force behind the mountain goblins).  Gloin’s camp was useful as a stopover upon further adventures into the mountains.  This would be the first time, though, that I would approach the legendary dwarf for anything for than warm greeting and ale by a campfire.

When I had a chance to talk with Gloin, the dwarf seemed a little surprised that a Nazgul had entered this cold realm.  His hands worried in apprehension, but it seemed like there was other thoughts and troubles on his mind.  I shared a horn of ale with Gloin, and we talked about his adventures with Bilbo into Goblin Town and beyond.  I think that he will ask for help with his other worries tomorrow.


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