Ventrilo – Living Room Edition

August 3, 2008

Moondog548 and I had a huge three hour Team Fortress 2 session this past weekend on some rotating official map public servers (no mods).  Once a week or so I drag my laptop over and we game together in the same room.  Sometimes it would really make no difference whether I came over or not, for communication purposes.  In fact, it might help alleviate some of the byproduct due to ten or so Taco Bell burritos.

I decided to try something a little new, and became Moondog548’s pet medic.  Our best play was on Gravelpit where Moondog548 was a soldier, and I tried out my underused Kritzkrieg.  The results were spectacular.

It really helped to be in the same room. The communication was more solid and focused than it could have been over the in-game chat of TF2, and it would have even edged out a private Ventrilo (or Teamspeak, shudder) server with just the two of us on. I knew where he was at almost all times, his 50 inch monitor helped, and he knew when I was ready to blast him with an uber. When playing as a medic normally, I have only minimal communication with the guy I am about to uber. I have to guess where my patient is going. The other player has to guess if I am going to uber him or her at the right time. The efficiency of the duo plummets in comparison. I can’t wait for a similar fight night where we can repeat this in TF2 or another game requiring such efficient communications. I foresee great results.


One comment

  1. Heh c’mon now I must be modest it’s only 32″

    That was fun. Kritzkrieg transformed me from a horrible horrible soldier to a streetsweeper.

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