Relics of the Ring Forge

August 1, 2008

As of the big Book 14 update, all the servers are in an event to collect Relics and turn them into the Heralds for a nice treasure chest.  The treasure chest holds some things like the 700 point reputation items (all that I have gotten) up to rare armor drop materials.  As I am only level 42, I have only a few options to get the Relics; the Bitter Stair in the Misty Mountains being one of the best options.

A lot of other players feel the same way, but luckily the turnover is quick because only 5 Relic drops are needed from the corrupted men guarding the Stair to complete the quest.  I am not sure of how the downtime on the quest works.  Sometimes I can’t redo the quest for 6 hours, and other times it has been 12 hours.  Either way the possibility of getting such good drops from the chest has me doing the quest first thing when I log on for the day.


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