Goofin’ off in Guild Wars

July 26, 2008

What I really appreciate about Guild Wars is that it consistently delivers a instantly gratifying visceral experience of ass-whooping. In the PvE side of things, it couldn’t be easier to grab a quest, fill up your party with friends, henchmen, or heroes (henchmen you can level and load-out), and follow the green arrows to wherever you’re supposed to smite, while smiting everything along the way.

PvP is even easier. The game is by no means deep (though more crunch-minded folk than myself can make a career out of min-maxing their characters’ stats and skill loadouts for maximum tactical excellence). But when you just need to go cleave monsters in twain RIGHT NOW it delivers.

I’ve got a sword and a sheild and several skills that use them to deadly effect. I mash the skill that lets me sprint up to an enemy before it can use it’s tricksey magicks against me. I’ve got a bash and slash skill that hits hard and quick. A wicked slashing attack that opens a bleeding wound and a crippling final attack that will exploit the wound for massive terminal damage.

Here is a silly little video of my main character, only level 8 out of 20, and a squad of npcs tearing carnage across the lush countryside. [VIDEO HERE (eventually)]


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  1. Verily!

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