Down, Down to Goblin Town

July 19, 2008

Goblin Town is an interesting dungeon that was added in one of the later updates to Lord of the Rings Online.  It has a few neat quest chains, including one where Bilbo Baggins reminisces of their brief captivity during his journey with Gandalf and the dwarves.  At the lowest level it is a place to grind out reputation points for the Elves of Rivendell.

The dungeon is huge and three level 50’s can easily go through nearly all of the content.  In our case we had four level 50’s, a Champion, a Minstrel, and two Captains, and two level 41’s, both being Captains (one being me).  First Kaelin (Hyetal) was our guide, and he knew Goblin Town like the back of his hand.  This is kind of amazing because the place is huge, has super long tunnels, lots of dead ends, and is multi-layered.  He did a non-stop tour of the place while we felled goblins and trolls along the way.  Second, having four captains, even two underleveled, made sure people were buffed and being healed constantly.  Especially since the highly geared Champion was our focal point for the buffs.

It was also nice visiting Gollum’s old cave and picking up Bilbo’s lost buttons and cufflinks.  It was very thematic and a big nod to the Hobbit.  I was a little frustrated that I could not hit any of the level 48-49 enemies; I just kept missing.  That is one form in some MMO’s I hate.  It is like a double nerf because not only does the enemy have more hit points, hit harder, and have higher armor, but on top of that they make it so your spells and skills just fail.  The saving grace of being a Captain was that I could just work on buffing the Champion, to kill things faster.

I can’t wait to go back at a higher level with a handful of party members.  It was a nice quick dungeon rather than an intense, hard dungeon.  The rewards did match the skill, and like I said above, this dungeon is mainly for Elves of Rivendell reputation.  However, the quality of the design and the Hobbit storyline enfolded within makes the place a winner for everybody to visit.


One comment

  1. AWESOME pic of us about to severly smite the Pit Beast. 😀

    That was a hoot. All the captain buffs made our group pretty much a juggernaut in those caves. We hardly had a scratch when we aggrod the whole throne room of the Great Goblin! 😛

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