Tomb of Elendil

July 11, 2008

My goal through the Evendim region was to do the reforging of Narsil quest chain. It had mainly solo quests and was a good way to introduce the Evendim region. I enjoyed much of the quest chain even if there was a tad too much swimming for my tastes (a well known complaint for Everswim – a nickname for the region). The major quest in the chain is an instance called Tomb of Elendil, which is a level 40 quest. The Blue Lady – spirit guardian of the region – unfloods some of the ruins of Annuminas where the Silithar lays. The Silithar is the ultimate mcguffin of the quest chain, a gem of true power needed to reforge the blade.

Two people from my kinship joined with me, Moondog the minstrel and Kelmric the captain. Kelmric brought along his friend, Gaelord a champion, and then we picked up two more people, Silverdgger a champion and Simonson a guardian. It was not the best balanced group, but since Moondog was overpowered for the instance we felt it would be doable. We impressed Moondog by blasting through the robber content like a fellowship that knew what it was doing, but then we met the turtle, Nornagol.

The Nornagol encounter is why people believe it is not meant to be a level 40 quest. The giant turtle has a huge armor buff active at most times, and it continuously calls its annoying little spawn to harass everybody. The first time we fought it, it had become an endurance challenge, and eventually Moondogs intricate healing web collapsed and we retreated one by one. The second time around the two captains dealt with the spawn while the guardian and champions tried to keep their focus on the boss. It was looking pretty bad near the end, but just as Moondog fell (right after Kelmric had fallen), Nornagol was killed. It was a sweet triumph.

It was a great night, and I have been really, really happy with the pick up groups/players I have met in this MMO. The quality of people playing on the Landroval server is really high. I am not sure we could have beat this difficult instance with the average MMO pick up player. I am nearing a time when I feel Evendim is nearly done. It is a nice region, but the swimming is getting to me, as well as the density of the enemies. I have not touched much of the Trollshaws, and I think I will wander that way after I give Aragorn his jewel.


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