Through Ranger’s Eyes

July 8, 2008

I stood over the dead, warm body of Nat Rapkins.  Blood smattered wolf-hides over dead Gauradan lay nearby.  I felt that soon I would be going back to Aragorn telling the proud chieftain of the Rangers to find another errand boy.  It had taken me weeks to gain the trust of the Rangers stationed here.  After I, Ravric, led a band of heroes to defend the North-Downs.  After I slew the Red Maid poisoning the Lonelands.  Now I was standing over a dead hunter of little consequence and fighting barbarians of slightly less consequence.  Maiden tried to calm me, but I slew a small tribe of the Gauradan in rage.

After gaining the “trust” of Calenglad, he sent me to Ost Forod where they had me kill petty tomb robbers and look after lost, dead hunters.  All the while under the pretense that I would eventually meet the Blue Lady of the Lake.  I had enough of the waiting.  If the Blue Lady wanted me to have the Silithar she could reach me on the battleground of Dol Dinnen.  I stormed into the Ranger’s camp to tell him my decision, when he simply said, “she is ready to see you.”

Maiden, Light bless her, knew my decision already, and led me away from the fire to the lake.  It was a long swim to Gwindethrond, where the Blue Lady dwelled.  I met her, and I have chosen to continue my quest for Aragorn.  I can feel through the ancient spirit that my quest here has more meaning than a mound of dead orcs in the North-Downs.  I only hope that my reputation will garner some favors in return for what Gwindeth will ask of me. 


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