Burninating the Peasants

July 7, 2008

What is a Fourth of July weekend without a barbecue?  The smell of roasting meat.  Sparklers flaring up all around the neighborhood.  Bottlerocket tag.  Burning every moving thing you see in TF2.

Long before the Pyro Advancement Pack, I played plenty as a Pyro. My three all time top classes for timeplayed are Soldier, Medic, and Pyro in that order. Engineer lags behind a little, but all the rest are clearly “underplayed.”  I feel I understand the Tao of a Pyro.  It is to rush headlong into a fray, preferably turning a corner and jumping out like a rubber wet-suit ninja, into a crowd of the enemy color.  Your survivability is not an issue.

The problem right now is that the Pyro is new and shiny, and many others are also playing one of my favorite classes.  It makes some games plenty different because one of the Pyro’s worst enemies is the same class on the opposite team because Pyro’s don’t burn.  Regardless, I had a blast on the servers this weekend.  Saturday night was great with another Department of Energy fight night, and we had some pretty high caliber players that night.  It was not a night for sipping beer and expecting to stay alive… it was a night for burninating.


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