Evendim Robber Mash

July 4, 2008

I have been working pretty diligently on getting Aragorn his sword in the re-forging of Narsil quest chain.  It seems for now that most of the initial quests (before the coming instance) are solo, which is nice.  My level 36 Captain has been able to handle most of the agro-heavy Evendim, but during the quest Ran Afoul of Bears, I was having a lot more heal down time.  Bears hit heavy, and have a huge armor debuff.  I misjudged where the dead robbers were, and started climbing the ultimate bear hill only to overagro and die.  Luckily Moondog, Ravric’s mentor, signed on and came to my aid.  Although he was a bit confused about Evendim’s weather.

He showed me where the dead robbers were… in a place I very nearly ran right by when attempting to top bear hill.  We went back to Ost Forod to turn in the quest, and Robin Dunkley now wanted me to retrieve more artifacts from some statue… or ruined statue.  So Moondog helped me kill plenty of robbers, and everything else we overagro’d.

I got really confused as to where to get the large statute pieces, and we ended up killing 50 extra robbers before realizing that we had to go out to the lake.  I had no idea where this place was, but luckily Moondog had an idea.   After that we ended the quest pretty quickly.  I have to say that the quest for Narsil’s re-forging has been pretty un-epic thus far… I’d even go so far as to say petty.  Gaining new Ranger’s trust (after I had turned the tide in Esteldin) and killing robbers for pottery does not seem heroic yet.  I hope that the quest chain picks up.


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