Der Ubermensch Kritzkrieg

July 3, 2008

I have been trying to slowly unlock the new weapons in Team Fortress 2.  I finally completed the 16 necessary achievements to get the Kritzkrieg.  My 16th Achievement was the Autopsy Report, which required me to “provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of [me] taunting above their ragdoll.”  It’s not really a difficult Achievement, but it required a few tries to get right.  The difficulty in the Achievement lies in the fact that the Medic is poor, offensively, and the Medic’s main offensive weapon is ranged.  So standing over a dead body you just killed might only happen one or two times a match.  Then you have to put yourself in a completely defenseless position (by taunting) and pray a soldier doesn’t come along and shoot you in the face mid-glove snap.

 I got the Achievement at Capture Point A in Gravelpit, being on defense.  I was coming out of the tunnel between points A and B, and I saw a Spy.  I pulled out my Syringe Gun and started launching needles into him while he tried to run back to near the enemy entrance point A.  I mowed him down right near the outhouse structure, and I started doing the taunt.  About midway a scout and a soldier entered the main area, but thankfully ran the other way.  If they saw me, they were probably too stunned to see a Medic taunting right near their entrance point.  I nabbed the Achievement, and ran back around the other side of point A with a mere 23 health… getting right back into action.


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