Department of Energy Fight Night

June 30, 2008

The Mega City Department of Energy kicked off its new server with a fight night with invitations going out across the net.  The gameplay was vanilla TF2 with the new maps jsut released with they pyro advancement pack.  Normally I had played on the 32-person Lotus Clan servers, or analogous beasts, and I must say I now much prefer the smaller servers.

The game plays almost completely differently between a 32-man server and a 24-man server.  In a 32-man, what you play is rarely a big deal.  There is usually always medic support, sniper support, a heavy, etc.  It is great because you don’t have “we need an engie” being whined about in voice, but it also feels like what you play doesn’t matter as much.  A smaller server makes your choice of class feel much more pertinent.  It almost adds a cat and mouse layer over the actual gameplay.  For example, switching to a spy for a couple minutes might totally balance the scales against an engie/sniper heavy team.

That was the feeling I had playing the Dept. of Energy and Friends fight night.  My choice of class at any given time was part of the skill needed to succeed at Team Fortress 2.  I think I am going to swim in smaller waters for a while…


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