To Evendim

June 29, 2008

I left Rivendell after some elf told me I should be hunting Nazgul (of which I am deeply afraid of), so I left and went to Evendim by way of the North Downs.  I had only been in Evendim for a short bit by way of the Shire and quested in the hobbit outpost of Oatbarton.  This time I was going to the heart of Evendim: Tinnudir.  On the way I passed many ruins…

Tinnudir, as far as I know, is the main quest hub for Evendim.  I had heard horrible things on the forums about the region’s monster agro (the term agro-deer is pervalent) heavy roads, but also great things about the quests and the dungeon involved.  I honestly figure I will only be in the region long enough to move back to the more “difficult” Trollshaws to start plowing through Book 4.


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