Frodo and Me

June 26, 2008

I took a sabbatical from Lord of the Rings Online while creating this new game journal, and getting back into Guild Wars. I left off having finished Book 3 of the epic quests in Rivendell. I did some preliminary quests back then, but stopped when I got to one where I had to “walk” with Frodo.  My alarm went off when I saw that the quest was red-colored (meaning a dangerous level for me to attempt) and it created its own instance (useful for creating monsters in otherwise peaceful zones).

I talked with Moondog548 about the scary quest, and he looked at me and sarcastically replied to my worries, “do you really remember where Tolkien wrote that Nazgul pop out of the bushes in Rivendell?”  I knew he was right.  The Enemy in Rivendell was not going to happen, but then I didn’t understand why they made it a private instance.

So I did the quest.  I don’t know what Turbine intern created this instance, but it was the most boring 5 minutes of my time in LOTRO yet.  You basically walk with Frodo, in a private instance, with most of the other NPC’s gone, and he talks about once every minute.  Now his chat might be a saving grace, but the lines are like “Samwise has helped me greatly.”  One minute later.  “You carry a burden too, I think.”  I was really disappointed with this personal moment that Turbine attempted to create to make you feel part of the story.

I did end the night on a high note completing my Scholar quest to start on the Artisan level of crafting.  I think I am going to start on Book 4 this weekend in addition to crafting some sweet new Artisan Scholar items.



  1. I think I would have preferred the Nazgul spawn myself.

  2. Bah! I loved this quest. Just a nice quiet respite from the mindless deathgrind of MMOs to reflect a moment on the story, the world, and its central character. It was a nice little treat for me at least. I have to admit I’m one of those that couldn’t help but reply in-game to Frodo’s comments. ;-}

  3. I probably would’ve cosplayed it up, but I was still scared of Nazgul… and bushes.

  4. With this quest, it seems like most people fall in one of two camps. They love the opportunity to RP without an audience and repeat it many times using the reflecting pool. Or they hate it, thinking it’s the biggest waste of time in the game.

  5. […] June 29, 2008 I left Rivendell after some elf told me I should be hunting Nazgul (of which I am deeply afraid of), so I left and went to Evendim by way of the North Downs.  I had only been in Evendim for a […]

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