The Smell of Napalm

June 23, 2008

Soldier’s Log 0700

Inspiration: “Someday this war’s gonna end…” –Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore

Listening To: “Surfin’ Safari” by the Beach Boys

For days we have been assaulting the Builders League United’s (BLU) fortress right across from our stronghold.  The backers of our company saw fit to hire more pyros, and now both forts smelled like charred meat.  Makes a good solider wish for some fine home cooking.

Nearly half of the combatants currently vying for intelligence control on this god forsaken river have been outfitted with rubber suits and specialized flame throwers.  BLU has been quite devious in using a backburst of gas to ping pong my rockets back at me.  I can eat a few of my rockets, but those rubber suits cannot.

BLU tried to new tactic this morning by using a pyro-medic chain to defend the main entrance to BLU’s fortress factory.  Two other pyros from RED company accompanied me to determine the effectiveness of this enemy tactic and find holes in the defense.  The pyros evaded the enemy front going right for the enemy medic.  I could hear the devilish cries of a burning German within seconds of engagement.  My rockets tore through the front line of pyros sending flying rubber bodies (and body parts) through the air.  Unfortunately we lost one of the pyros in the engagement.  I feel that the RED company should report an MIA given that melted rubber suit is gluing his dead body to the floor (unless the company wants to pay for an engineer to come bring him back).

We will begin advancing deeper into the compound to gain the intelligence as is the mission goal.


One comment

  1. Oh lordy! 😀 Make sure to look at the pic full size. The pyro is like flailing his axe around amdist the corpses of his fallen enemies and allies. It’s something poetic, like an Indian warrior dancing with the spirits of the dead. God this game is transcendant in so many ways. ;-}

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